Motivating Yourself

It may seem like that the last string has been pulled or the final battle has been concluded, as we slowly close ourselves to the world, we miss out to see what is left after the battle, what happens after the last string has been pulled out. This is what we call life.

Challenges and heart aches are what forms the beauty of life. It is our molder, this is God’s oven. While we feel others are fortunately poured with all the good things life can offer, we pity ourselves from being scarce. We feel inferior of our abilities, we lose touch of our dreams — the dreams we had when we were a kid. Then we continue to move on with life not knowing what we want, threading the path we never had the slightest idea of what is in the end.

We lack motivation. Can we buy it? Instead of waiting for motivators to come your way, learn how to motivate yourself. In fact, no one will push you to get up in the morning and brush your hair or take you to shower, there is only yourself. Each one is busy fulfilling their own mission. Friends and family may be there to support you but if there is no willingness from inside to get up and dress up — what they say will not matter. We hold the key in our hands. The key to push through or to give up.

Our self is our worst enemy and the people around are the audience. So take a risk. Never mind what people think of you, anyway, they only see the tip of the iceberg. Eat alone. Go to a mall, take a stroll by yourself. Yourself can also be your best companion. It works both ways, depends on how you treat it. Remember, you are not a celebrity or a politician. People will not judge you when you walk or just sit alone in a cafe. It is all in the mind and the mind is the one controlling our thinking, our self-esteem, our motivation.

Be proud of yourself and trust that yesterday’s struggles are only a distant memory while realizing that the only person that can give light to a dark path is yourself.