No Tricks This Time

A few days after the trick or treatin’ and I am still on my bed. Well this is my special day but I couldn’t get myself up to start it because of this weak feeling of bad flu and colds for days. Unfortunately, the plans I made will be spent with my comfy bed and a couple of tissue for the rest of the day. What else can I do, aside from lying in bed and occasionally get up to go to the bathroom, but to allow my mind to wander on places I wish to go and to reminisce the places I have been in the past.

Last year was a little more interesting. I had to celebrate my birthday at the highest view of the Horseshoe Bend (on a sunset) and at the lowest point of the Antelope Canyon both at Page, Arizona without anyone knowing that their trekking buddy (me!) is changing age as of the moment — just like a snake changing skin every now and then.. haha!

It was such a wonderful feeling of nostalgia when I stood at a certain point. A feeling of longing for the lost past and a feeling of excitement for what the future may bring to my life. I wished for that moment, to find solitude in nature, to just simply breath the fresh air while my eyes are closed as if trying to force the time to stop and take a picture of the perfect moment.

Can’t believe that it has been a swift 12 months already, it feels as if I am still living on my grandest vacay ever!


And yes.. it is only a sweet long vacation and that the time will come I will have to get back to reality where perfection is unknown and change is consistent.

Moments like this in the past may have only occupied quite a small space in my jar, but the feelings it brought into my life are the ones that shaped my perception about life itself. The feelings of balance and serenity, humbleness and simplicity.

I have been roaming half the world since my late twenties experiencing the clear waters of the country’s treasured provinces or visiting the mysterious leaning tower in Pisa or giving my respect to the Vatican, Catholics consider as holy ground. I must say, some are overrated while others are obviously not. I find peace in places where few people know about and where ladies restrooms are not crowded by weary tourists.

As last year was more interesting than the previous, I wish to go places; doesn’t matter if I have been there before, as long as the journey takes me to an interesting ride.

“It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

Washington DC and New York

20141023_111952We visited DC on a bit cold October. We took a “hop-on hop-off” bus and some long walks as we attempted to see all the sights of these famous cities. And we are quite successful on this trip.

As we approach the Lincoln Memorial, I felt somehow excited. It’s probably because this site reminds me of the movie my husband and I used to watch, Night at the Museum, several times and we wished for a time to be living on this world — we fantasized. This is my most favorite monument among all the other tourist destinations we visited.

I have always admired Abraham Lincoln as one of the United States well respected President. From where Abe is sitting, I took a perfect shot of the Washington Monument despite the flock of tourists who also want to get their piece of photo op with the giant replica. After taking the shot, I looked back at him envying him for having to sit there everyday and enjoying the historic sight in plain view.

The straight and perfect shot from his view with the reflection of the Washington Monument from the pool below adds to its perfection.

The whole time I roam around the monument, I am overwhelmed with all the preserved history. I even tried so hard to find the most unique souvenir I can get in the shop. It felt as if I have known this place or maybe again it’s just because of the effect of the movie. I am not a history buff but ever since I can remember, I have always admired Lincoln’s interesting speeches as it not only inspired a nation, it also continues to inspire ordinary individuals all over the world who wants to get something out of life. I took a snap of one of his most famous speeches made during the Gettysburg Address imprinted on one of the walls in his monument.

20141023_114526Being the last stop of our trip and the weather gets colder in the late afternoon, I’m done for the day. My eyes have been blessed with all the relaxing scenery and my brain is already out of hunger from all the history I saw the whole day. Of course, we also took a short boat ride to get to Liberty Island and Elli’s Island when we were in New York to conclude the trip.

From DC we took a bus to New York. We got off at the corner of 7th and 28th St. People are rushing to get to the next train in New York’s subway. As we try to squeeze in and find a spot in the train blending to the locals, we experienced the fast paced life out here even for a short while. Observing from the age range of the people in the Central Station, these are the young professionals of the generation. The young people who have big ideas in their minds and the big future. Well, this is the Big Apple anyway.

My DC and New York experience. I can say that I have been a very behaved traveler and tourist at the same time as I felt the connection with my subject. It is as if I belong to a place where the past and the present meet.