My Subject on Longing

My life is a summary of longing. As it is with longing that i feel the importance of even the small things. It gives me the euphoric feeling of happiness at the same time keeping my sanity. It is the simplified science of two forces, push and pull. It is when we “push” that we experience a never-ending feeling of completeness, happiness or even love. It is when we let ourselves drag us in the direction of “pull” that it reminds us that the feelings we feel are only temporary.

It may be about a series of happy moments with your friends sharing unending stories and laughs not realizing it has to end at some point. At that moment, we each try to hold on but as we try harder, the stories start to get boring. And we eventually retreat and let that special moment be. We accept that it is now part of our memory.

It may also be about the relationship with our partners. We are so in love at the moment that during the whole romance you feel that you are so lucky to experience such a wonderful feeling no one ever felt. At some point, the other party needs to leave. It may either be of a new found love, sickness or death. As hard as you try sometimes to save the relationship, there is nothing more you can do but to let the other person go. You accept that it is now part of your memory.

Same as the most constant force on earth, CHANGE is the ultimate equalizer of happiness and sadness. There are moments in life that was so perfect that continuing to live in it may spoil its perfection. Moments that are meant to end when the best part is coming. Some people may attempt to rekindle this “PERFECT MOMENT” unfortunately trying their whole life to exceed it. Wasting their life in the end, living with regrets instead of cherishing the moment.

With longing, it means the end of a story, a relationship and a memorable event. The end of a sweet beginning, the end of something special. On the other hand, it also means the beginning. The start of a new chapter. The author knows when to stop writing as well as a director knows when to say “cut”.

These are the moments in life wherein we should be satisfied looking only from afar and thanking God for the experience while praying harder to give you strength to move forward armed with that perfect moment that inspires your future.

This is my subject about longing.

“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished. We call that life.” Anna Freud