The Old Place I Longed to Go Back To

I am here. Back to where I started.

But why do I feel empty. Isn’t this my soul’s wish?

To one day see the world and then return to what I call home.

The sad part is that, the place you want to return to is not the same anymore..

It has evolved the same time you have left it, without skipping a heart bit.

It has changed a lot since the last time you lay eyes on the old place.

This time you are thinking if you can still live in here anymore.

Or the life you once despised — you are now accustomed to and want to go back in reverse.

Now, everytime you close your eyes, you dream of being in the world where you have left.

And the life you once longed to always go back to, seems like a far away dream as you come close to it.