Repost from my FB page dated May 17, 2014 @ 2:31am

There will always be one significant person who may not always be there for you but have touched your life to a great extent. Not only will touch your life, but will be the passage way to your whole new life. Some might say that only saints can do such an extraordinary act, but believe me, even angels are dressed like humans.

I’m thankful to have experienced being loved by an angel. Because an angel’s love echoes even after they have gone back to the Heaven’s and the love they have left on earth balances the grief, loss and sadness felt by the one they left behind. This is how I survived, this is how he loved.

I will always miss the humor and down-to-earth intelligence, and even everything as a whole, you are my greatest miracle who made me laugh and cry big time.

Thoughts on your birthday hubby.