Reimagining Life

I was watching this video of Chris Gardner about Life Reimagined. Yep. He is the man behind the true story of the movie Pursuit of Happyness.  It was an inspiring movie and indeed became my instant favorite among many others. So I did my research of what the real Chris Gardner really like.

He became an inspirational speaker and aids the homeless in America by creating foundations that may somehow lift the plight of his fellow struggling people.

Here are some notes I got from his one-hour talk that seriously have tickled my interest to listen from start to finish.

  • How did I get here? the drastic change in his life was when he found himself living with his 2 year old son in the bathroom of a train station. He realized he cannot blame anyone from his misfortunes. He said, “I have something to do here”.
    • Acceptance. It will free us from imprisonment to our current situation. Let us not spend our whole life blaming others why we got here. It was our actions, in the first place, that brought us here.
    • No one will accept your life except you.
    • “You cannot change something until you own it.” Once we accepted our shortcomings, change will start. Most of the time we call it “miracle”.
    • “I drove here. But you know, if I drove here, I can get out of here.”
  • What are you going to do? he felt he has a mission in this world. He knew he can do something to get out from his situation. So, he took action.
    • The moment, whether we like it or not, wherein we re-imagine our life. See yourself as someone who has a role to play in the world.
    • You are a unique human being so, make the most out of the talent the good Lord have given you.

I liked the part when he talked about soulmates. I connected with him there. I believe in one. He is right. He knew that his first wife was his soulmate. I may read his mind and say that if his soulmate hadn’t died, he would have had a completely different but perfect life. But there is nothing perfect in this world. That was the start of re-imagining his life.

  • Losing someone you love is the hardest “re-imagining life” that could ever be. “When you lose a loved one, you re-evaluate everything. You can lose a house, get a new house. You lose your job, find a new job. You lose money, make money. But when you lose someone you love, it’s irreplaceable – you cannot make time. Time is the ultimate luxury.” – I super agree.
  • You become more aware of the quality of your life. Whether you like it or not, you have to perceive yourself on a different light.
  • “Life is a stretch of road with no maps, no road signs and no gps. There is a fork on this road; one is scared and don’t know what to do and the other is scared but I’m stepping out of it.” There are still choices though we feel there is none. Sometimes we just need to take a short break to get to the next chapter.
  • From it all, we need external validation from people who believe in us. We are humans anyway we were raised to be mingling with others. Family and true friends are very important materials in the fulfillment of our role.

Although there are a lot more of the inspiring things he discussed, these are some of my pointers that somehow, connected in me. On how I perceive my life.

“Walk that walk and go forward all the time. Don’t just talk that talk, walk it and go forward. Also, the walk didn’t have to be long strides; baby steps counted too. Go forward.” Chris Gardner