My Wish

I wish you to hug me so tight even just for a day. As in your arms I am moved to a world where all the pain and sadness brought by your loss will finally melt away.

I wish to kiss you one last time. As when I kiss you it would mean the world as I know it ends. All the tears that flowed for years would finally meet its rightful owner.

I wish for us to finally be together and that eternity would become our world. I would, for any chance, trade an hour of my life just to be with you again.

I miss you everyday min skat.

The Perfect Man

You will always be the perfect man for an imperfect woman like me.

When will you come around again?

I miss you so much that most of the timeĀ I almost died.

Hoping to stay where you are, for good and for once cease staring at the clouds. I’m tired.

I look up, I don’t really see you. It is my heart that creates the illusion that somewhere out there you are looking back at me.

I miss you (so much) my love.