Two of my Most Favorite Couples

Chelsea has been a good friend from the office. I’ve known her for years with her boyfriend. In time, our friendship grew and since then I have always been so comfortable being with Chelsea and James. What made this couple so special in my life is their overwhelming mission of getting me and Allan together. They even defied the superstition of not going anywhere when your wedding is nearing.

They were close to my heart as they were the bridge for me to know LOVE. They not only introduced me to it, but they showed me the unconditional power of love. Oh, the memories of the four of us in the beach will forever be etched in my heart.

I met them on the time when I was completely clueless about this beautiful force of earth, while my man has always been 100% sure that the woman standing in front of him is his wife.

Boracay, Philippines 4/3/2010 |             Photo: queenie

Isabel has been a friend from highschool. She is one whom I randomly get acquainted on during our young school days. I met Isabel and Brett a few years after Allan passed away. As I see it, this lovely couple came to my life for a purpose. They are just as close to God as I am and that they somehow remind me of how Allan and I might have been living our life (if he were still alive) considering our relationship have similarities with them — being culturally different. Although sometimes seeing them hugging and kissing is way too much as it makes me more envious and miss the love of my life so much, I have seemingly grown to adore this couple.

Orange County Costa Mesa, Ca 7/28/2015 | Photo: Isabel Skinner

Both couples came to my life for a purpose. The first was to introduce me to love and the second was to make me believe in love again. They carry the same level of love for each other, the one we call TRUE LOVE. So I sincerely wish for them to continue sharing their love for each other because as they do, they are slowly spreading positive vibes to the world. May they will always be blessed with God’s abundance and grace as their family grows.