The Path that Leads to You

It sometimes is so hard for me to visit you, my love.

Because everytime I walk this long path to you, the burden in my heart doubles.

Because everytime I buy you flowers, makes me angry for you leaving me.

Because everytime I see you, makes me realize the reality that you are never going back.

And that in reality I am mad at you for leaving to a place you know I can never follow.

But most of the time I am sad for knowing that I will never see you anymore even in my dreams that once was better than reality.


Life has an interesting way of telling me that I am a special chocolate chip cookie baked personally by the hands of God (well, just as everyone of us!). I am loving the challenges. A widow at a young age yet keeping a positive view of the future. Still a believer of magic, fate and true love, taking each day one small step at a time. I have a grand dream! ;-)

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