Narito Muli

Narito muli ako kung san huli kitang nakita. Nagbabalik.
Hindi man maganda ang huling eksena ngunit ito ang naging daan upang piliin kong ipagpatuloy ang pagtahak sa buhay.

Narito muli ako upang alalahanin hindi ang mga malulungkot kundi ang masasayang alaala.

Nawa’y kung nasan ka man ngayon ay masaya ka na habang nakikita mo kung paano ko pilit pinagtatagumpayan ang bawat hamon sa aki’y dumaraan.

Namiss kita ng sobra mahal. Abot langit (literal!)


I am here again where I last saw you. Returning.

The scene may not be pleasant to look back to, but this is the reason why I choose to continue the journey.

I am here again not to dwell on the sad memories but to cherish the happy ones.

I hope wherever you may be, you are happy and proud for me as you watch me how I try my very best to overcome every challenges that come my way.

I miss you a lot my love. Missing you up to the heavens, literally. Because it is the only place I know you are residing.


Life has an interesting way of telling me that I am a special chocolate chip cookie baked personally by the hands of God (well, just as everyone of us!). I am loving the challenges. A widow at a young age yet keeping a positive view of the future. Still a believer of magic, fate and true love, taking each day one small step at a time. I have a grand dream! ;-)

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