Pretensions and Broken Lies

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen R. Covey

You always wanted people’s attention to be on you. Aren’t you getting tired with that? Keeping secrets as if everyone’s dumb. In reality, everybody’s reading your whole story through your actions. Or if everyone’s really dumb, at least you cannot convince me with lies. Stop all the pretensions, aren’t you getting tired with all the stories you make up.

Are you really a friend or a stranger I’ve known from afar? You fill me with lies day in and day out, it’s hard to comprehend sometimes. You expect me to believe, oh it’s hard to hide the arrogance. You’re building your dreams with me on the picture but that is not what I am hearing when I am not on the scene.

I don’t know until when will I be able to live with you like this, always pretending, as if everything’s just fine. This is not the life I am used to living. This is not the life I have loved. I am waiting, I’m impatiently waiting for that day to come, to finally experience freedom from you so you can try to convince others of your broken lies.

I am tired of this one sided relationship, will you please hear me out just once and stop your broken lies.


Life has an interesting way of telling me that I am a special chocolate chip cookie baked personally by the hands of God (well, just as everyone of us!). I am loving the challenges. A widow at a young age yet keeping a positive view of the future. Still a believer of magic, fate and true love, taking each day one small step at a time. I have a grand dream! ;-)

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