Seven Things I Believe In Every Morning


I believe that my prayer last night was effective.


I believe that coffee will wake me up.


I believe that meditation removes stress.


I believe on this – “what goes around, comes around”.


I believe that soulmates really exists.


I believe that I have at least one guardian angel.


I believe that in the near future, something great will happen.

My Coffee Man

Every morning my husband pours coffee into his cup. He likes his coffee dark while I prefer to have iced tea. Not an ideal match right? He was the coffee-guy but coffee seems to make me sweat in our tropical country so either soda or iced tea would relieve my thirst. I can’t blame him, caffeine was his first love.

I may be years late to be a coffee enthusiast but I have learned to cherish it. Coffee sort of reminded me of him especially the brewed one. It has become his trademark, well, aside from cigarette. He gave me this one little secret when in the office, if he is to make an important decision, he stands up, pick up his mug and go to the pantry for some coffee in the vending machine and he thinks while drinking his coffee. When he returns to his desk, he’s mind is more clear and making decisions is a lot easier. I must say, this is effective.

Every morning I pour coffee into my cup. A spoon or two of coffee grounds and sugar, top it up with a creamer or milk – ahh! a smooth sip to boost the day. Though nothing compares to the strong aroma of brewed coffee made by my husband every morning, I can’t imagine myself not drinking one anymore.

This might probably be what I regret during the length of our relationship, I have not been a good coffee-mate with him. Have I known everything before, I’ve had countless coffees with him. I might have been drinking coffee with him under the heat of the sun outside a coffee shop until he surrenders. Come to think of it today, it is not really the coffee or how it is made, what matters is the memory and that this simple routine is now a cherished memory always repeating every time I make my cup.

Love is so mysterious sometimes, that the special people we meet makes great impact in our life. Not knowing that this impact have totally change our perspective in the future.

Washington DC and New York

20141023_111952We visited DC on a bit cold October. We took a “hop-on hop-off” bus and some long walks as we attempted to see all the sights of these famous cities. And we are quite successful on this trip.

As we approach the Lincoln Memorial, I felt somehow excited. It’s probably because this site reminds me of the movie my husband and I used to watch, Night at the Museum, several times and we wished for a time to be living on this world — we fantasized. This is my most favorite monument among all the other tourist destinations we visited.

I have always admired Abraham Lincoln as one of the United States well respected President. From where Abe is sitting, I took a perfect shot of the Washington Monument despite the flock of tourists who also want to get their piece of photo op with the giant replica. After taking the shot, I looked back at him envying him for having to sit there everyday and enjoying the historic sight in plain view.

The straight and perfect shot from his view with the reflection of the Washington Monument from the pool below adds to its perfection.

The whole time I roam around the monument, I am overwhelmed with all the preserved history. I even tried so hard to find the most unique souvenir I can get in the shop. It felt as if I have known this place or maybe again it’s just because of the effect of the movie. I am not a history buff but ever since I can remember, I have always admired Lincoln’s interesting speeches as it not only inspired a nation, it also continues to inspire ordinary individuals all over the world who wants to get something out of life. I took a snap of one of his most famous speeches made during the Gettysburg Address imprinted on one of the walls in his monument.

20141023_114526Being the last stop of our trip and the weather gets colder in the late afternoon, I’m done for the day. My eyes have been blessed with all the relaxing scenery and my brain is already out of hunger from all the history I saw the whole day. Of course, we also took a short boat ride to get to Liberty Island and Elli’s Island when we were in New York to conclude the trip.

From DC we took a bus to New York. We got off at the corner of 7th and 28th St. People are rushing to get to the next train in New York’s subway. As we try to squeeze in and find a spot in the train blending to the locals, we experienced the fast paced life out here even for a short while. Observing from the age range of the people in the Central Station, these are the young professionals of the generation. The young people who have big ideas in their minds and the big future. Well, this is the Big Apple anyway.

My DC and New York experience. I can say that I have been a very behaved traveler and tourist at the same time as I felt the connection with my subject. It is as if I belong to a place where the past and the present meet.

Closing the Promise

How do you close a promise when it has already been spoken? Heartbreaking as it may seem, one must let go of the promises made with the other because of their passing. During the last few days my husband and I were together, we had this interesting conversation. He suddenly uttered, “…when the time comes you probably have another man in your life”. I couldn’t recall what exactly we were talking about but what he said stuck in my mind. I remember answering in an innocent reply saying that he is my husband and he will be the one and only man in my life and quickly adding why he say such words. Well, the answer became obvious  since four years ago.

He simply replied with his usual soft voice, “thank you”, to end the conversation. Revisiting this scene still gives me shiver.

You continue to love the person despite them being away for quite sometime without expecting their return. Without physical presence the love keeps going on. That is the mystery of love. Surprisingly, there is no pain when they leave. There is even no tear for a time. There is just the air of overwhelming, for the lack of better word, sadness and solidarity.

Promises made, promises broken. Do you betray the man you made a promise with? A question that I believe widow’s like me encounter. The feeling of guilt. While you carry the feeling of being left in the air — it is such a horrible feeling. You cannot be angry, you cannot blame them for leaving.

Do you really betray the man you made a promise with when you decided to join the world of the living? The life we had with our spouses as well as the future we planned with them will always be there. It will forever shape our paths, it affects the way we see the world. Their death is now part of our life. Choosing to live a new life with a new partner or threading a completely opposite life from the one heard by our beloved is incomparable to the promises we made with them. It is not betrayal.

Choosing to live a happier life does not mean that we will forget them. On the other hand, we are giving them a favor by not living in the past and not letting another soul be buried with sorrow and pain on earth while they continue their journey to the after life. Letting go means moving forward while keeping all the memories of the past in our hearts.

There is no betrayal as we continue to honor them for being part of our past. There is no betrayal as the promises made will still be fulfilled only on a different form, in a different situation. There may be a lot of letting go but we can never close a promise once made, they will always be kept in the most sacred room in our hearts, where the love for our spouses live on.

There is no betrayal of the promise, there is only the changing of the chapter.

Carrying the Old Soul from the Past

when we open our eyes to greet the morning, we also open our soul to the world.
done with the tears of the night, as we start a new day.
for the dreams of the past will not be able to make its way to the future.

the past that gave color to our spirit and once made us want to look forward to the future. dreams that will forever be kept in the dark.

the point where fate made its sincerest conclusion of letting us suffer.

the past where the toughest decisions were made. decisions that once set will forever be marked in the path. No chance to turn back.

slowly removing the worries.

knowing much clearer that if the day didn’t turn out right,
the night would fall again and tomorrow will start anew.

A brand new journey in life carrying the old soul from the past.

The Promise

Jean sat by the river as she wept because of a broken promise. As her tears roll down the flowing water she heard a voice, “fulfill my promise to you in the letter. I am serious. I will be there wherever you go, so don’t be afraid to go places. See the world. Have a new life, a new job or a new hobby. I promise you I will be there if I can. You see, I was given a new task to take care of this woman weeping by the river,” said the voice.

“You may feel alone at times, don’t weep. Don’t forget my promise. Though you will have to re-do on your own what we originally planned, as long as your love for me is alive, I will be here to help you. If you only look for me in your soul,” the voice continued.

“It also makes me sad not being able to hold you when you need a hug, or kiss you when I think you look very lovely, or wipe your tears when you cry. It’s the price I have to pay for being so in love with you. My new job is to be your angel.” He contained himself but wanted to say more. Since we are soulmates, it means that our souls are one, we are not meant to be together on earth but our souls are destined to be together in Heaven. The Angel was thinking about the scripture he read that love is letting go.

The woman looked puzzled but asked a question anyway, “why did God take you away from me and only be my angel while we were so happy walking together on earth?”

Because the earth is temporary and heaven is eternal. Given our love for each other, it is heavenly. “Would you still have given yourself to me even if you know I will die soon?” The Angel asked.

Thinking deeply Jean replied, “I would prefer to have wasted time with you for a short moment and feel this overflowing love that transcends eternity than having an average and boring life without it.”

“I know I have always occupied a huge part of your heart and I was so devastated when I found out that I needed to leave. I have talked to the Big Guy, I should not worry. He said he will take care of this special lady for me as I continue my journey to heaven. Now everything is set. Everything here is about love and happiness. No suffering or pain. You will see it when your time comes, but for now, you need to be strong for me. Be happy for me so I can be totally happy to my new home,” said the Angel on a soft and comforting voice.

There might be times when you feel you are lost, don’t worry the Big Guy is in charge. He is always there for you. He knows when you feel fine. He knows when you are feeling your worst. He also knows when you are thinking of me and missing me so much.

“So now He sent me down to guide you on your journey and fulfill my promise to you.” The angel vanished.

Building My Dream

“Only I can change my life. No one else can do it for me.” Carol Burnett

I am not an expert at being successful with start-up businesses or life in general. I am also busy risking the trial and error process so I can reach mine. I am finding my life same as million others do every single day. I lost. And I learn. A lot. And I still keep on learning. A lot. Dreams are the ideas our mind creates, it is up to us how to make it to reality. It can be a desire to be promoted to a higher position, get the job in a dream company, marrying your partner, making your own family or (for the benefit of this post) setting up a business. This is what I learned so far.

Realize what you really want to do. Can you see yourself still satisfied with your business even until your retirement? If so, then most probably it is your calling. You will just end up with less money, wasted time and effort if you try to make all your ideas (with different genres) materialize. It would seem that you are only as confused as your many dreams.

Having the SMART attitude. No, it is not about being a topnotcher in school. Take note, not all “school-smart”/honor students have succeeded in their chosen paths. It is highly likely that medals and awards are not the key to succeed but a proper attitude. Unless you would like to brag about your medal for the next 10 or 20 years of your career — I’m still not really sure if that would matter. Most of the people on top of the corporate ladder are regular students with no honors but with a lot of determination and confidence. This is reality.

So for us average people S.M.A.R.T. attitude in starting up your business is, once you have an idea in mind, assessing if it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. I learned this from when I was attending an MBA class and I think this is a great tool for us to reach our dreams.

Specific means having a specific goal that mostly answers the six “W” questions — who? what? when? where? which? why? There are thousands of ideas running through our minds every second, one minute you feel that you have the “aha” moment but then later on found out that it is not what you really are passionate to do. So you have to figure out which one will take the throne of your specific goal.

Measurable means establishing a criteria that will help track the progress of getting close to your goal. This usually answers the question, “how?”.

Attainable means developing skills, attitudes or financial abilities in order to attain your goal. We are investing our time, effort and money in order to This process, for me, is where we start to move one step forward. We either attend seminars or classes which is related to the attainment of your goals. Through this experience, we may hear first-hand from successful people on how or what they did in order to be successful. You might also get acquainted to someone who can later on help you on your business and so on.

Realistic means having a goal that you have the ability to work hard to and you are willing to work hard for it.

Timely is simply having a time frame on which you expect the steps in attaining your goal are accomplished. “Someday” is not a time frame.

Allow yourself to experience the hardships. Never rely on the resources of others. Make a move first, it’s your dream anyway — not theirs. No one will do it for you as they are also busy building their own. They also have their struggles and hardships, that making them carry your dreams may give them more burden and occupy a lot of their time (since it is not their dream). Every human being walking on earth have their mission to accomplish. Wouldn’t it be rude giving them yours for them to start while you sit there waiting for it to succeed and get disappointed when things didn’t work out as you expected? When you reach the end of the road, won’t it feel so much better when you look back and be thankful that you have experienced all the wrong turns first-hand? It will be beyond fulfilling, I would guess.

Get along well with others. This is not only applicable with start-up business, this is a day to day moral values for us. We should always respect others and treat others equally. There is no room for judgmental thinking. We do not want negative karma to be knocking on our door asking for payback. Having to get along well with others not only invites positive vibrations but also, who knows these people might be of great help to your business someday. Being nice to people is not that hard. People around you are instruments from heaven to help you achieve your dreams, even the ones who you just happen to chat while waiting for a bus. You may not know it but it is true.

A little bit of luck. Have you heard the famous adage – success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration? Despite our hard work, we also need a dust of luck. But for luck to come by, we should prove that our efforts are sincere and hard work consistent.