Chest Pains

Life does not guarantee that you will not feel pain ever again after years of grieving.Pain has always been a part of life and that life without pain and suffering, just as happiness and love, will only make us ordinary.

So never think that life is unfair just because you are hurting at the moment.

There will always be people who will open up your buried feelings and situations that will make way for you to see the other side of the door.

The feelings that are once again awaken by the people that crosses our path are realizations disguised on situations like this. It could be, you are once again ready to open up to love and be inspired.

But keep in mind, they are just merely realizations. They are real but only for the time being. So until you learn the lesson, they will guide you in your life. And they will leave the moment you accept the harsh truth.

The pain starts when they leave.

You get used to them so much that you wanted them to be always around, but then you get disappointed when they are not. The hardest part is that you do not have the power to make them stay.

At the end of the day, you are only left with the feeling of emptiness from that situation, having tears as its manifestation.