Addiction and Love

truly, love is so addicting.

at first you feel you can control the desire to think of that person.

when a moment with him starts to find its way into your head, it is so easy for you to shrug it off.

As time moves on, you yearn for that person when he’s not with you.

Your feelings grow confused.

When the magical effect of this drug called love starts to sip your strength, you grow weary.

You know you left something important – but you cant figure out what that is.

But you know this cant be.

So your poor heart will be left bruised. Torn between fighting for the feeling at the same time teaching it to let go.

You find yourself lonely again. Sad but it’s reality.


Life has an interesting way of telling me that I am a special chocolate chip cookie baked personally by the hands of God (well, just as everyone of us!). I am loving the challenges. A widow at a young age yet keeping a positive view of the future. Still a believer of magic, fate and true love, taking each day one small step at a time. I have a grand dream! ;-)

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